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25 Point Roof check Up

NexGen is performing complimentary 25 Point Roof Check-Ups!
Hot dry days, windy conditions and heavy rains can create many problems for your roof. When you have a roof check done you’ll have a much lower chance of having major storm damage occur.

Mitchell and Casey, NexGen's highly skilled roof inspectors are available to complete your roof analysis this week.

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With NexGen's 25 Point Roof Check-Up you can be confident your roof is ready for Colorado's storm season!

 25 Point Roof Check-Up Includes:

1.Inspect your roof for missing shingle granules

2. Look for proper shingle overhangs at gutters and eves

3.Inspect for any loose shingles

4.Inspect for curled, brittle, or deteriorated shingles

5.Seal on your shingles to help prevent wind damage

6.Inspect fastening method used from original installation

7.Inspect flashings at all walls

8.Inspect all pipe flashings for cracks

9.Inspect all valleys for cracks and deterioration

10.Inspect all storm collars at pipes for proper seal

 11.Inspect all rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot

12.Inspect all gutters and downspouts for any blockage

13.Make sure your Gutters are securely fastened

14.Check for water damage on fascia board

15.Check for exposed nail heads

16.Inspect attic intake vents for any blockage

17.Inspect vents for holes, cracks, and shrinkage

18.Inspect for cracks in the mortar on your chimney

19.Inspect for any missing caulking around chimneys and vents

20.Inspect for bricks missing in your chimney

21.Inspect siding, stucco, windows, and deck for hail damage

22.Verify rake edges cut straight

23.Collar and boots installed properly

24.Underlayment properly installed

25.Miters caulked and sealed


Interested in Complete Roof Protection?

If you are looking for a low-cost way to maintain your roof with protection from leaks, consider NexGen's 

Peak Protection Plan